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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


you treat me nicely

dia sgt baik against me , who is she ? lah kan dah ada post bout huda . ni la huda, yea again i post bout her. hihi . okay today balik sek dgn keletihan buka google chrome type facebook.com , haha . details gile aku cerita . aku on je babe , guess what ? 

she : Fatini Aziz why la you being sweet to me? thanks honey. love you too girl! :') ♥♥ I've read your blog tini. you just ignore any words or things that came out from that loser stupid shit bitch! I'm very sure that she was jealous over syg, that's whyyyyyyy. be cool okay? let her be. one day, she will fall on what she deserve it. don't worry. karma bby remember :) this is life

me : ( i was :O ) Fatini Aziz you treat nice so i bls baik juga syg. yea you know what huda , i talk to her karma will remain fair. you do this to me so just wait for karma. allah does not sleep. she said tkyh nak bajet alim . WTH , tk sngka i bdk kampung mcmtu jahil tentang agama, patot la senang je serah maruah. whatever it is thanks again . me love you ♥♥

she : really bby? alaa . the best way is, do not contact her anymore. what a stupid girl, tini sebaik-baik kawan dia nak buat musuh. haih. okay sayang. sabar. orang gila you jangan layan, nanti you yg jadi gila -.- me love you too honey ♥♥

okay honestly aku nk tegelak bace ayat dia . org gila ? yea huda org gila kan kan ? btw syg i tkde la baik mana pun , i pun ada jahatnya juga . btw thanks for the support and continued giving me the spirit. insyallah i kuat ! and and let karma run their job right ? even i tkperna cerita apa probs i but you always by my side . sangatttt terharu ;') i love you <3 .

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