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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


unforgettable memories


okay to ain , saidah and err adleen did you remember ? im not sure you guys still remember or not but i will never forget :) actly we are classmate since form1 until form3 . haha lamanyaa . menyampah dah mengadap muka dorg everyday . hihi , our class at the top level . incidentally there is the construction of the new mall not far from our school . for sure benda alah ni mmg jelas nmpk. and setiap ptg after recess benda ni akan bergerak and  at that time our drama will start . haha . dengan muka jakun kite org tgk kren tu begerak and said it louder " benda tu begerak !" hahahaha. even tgh belajar if benda tu bgerak kiteorg akan stop belaja and tgk benda ni begerak -.-' yg selalunya perasan ofcourse adleen . dia kan mmg tk suka belajar , hihi . okay tu je . byee <3


this is our ambition at that time . cleaner ? yes cleaner . haha , okay at that time we plan to work under a company as a cleaner -.-' (bodohnya kan ? ) we have divided the duties . 

tini : lap cermin
saidah : cuci jamban
ain : mop lantai 
adleen : kutip duit

caused we are tooo bingai we create a song and dance for this cleaner job . still remember the step guys ? for sure i have forgotten . haha , and we sing it loud ! tk thu malu betul . all eyes in the class looked at us -.-' and puan zaleha soh kita diam kan kan ? hahaha . sooo happy that time <3


see that bubbles ? it show the wind or kentut . haha , okay the story start when aina tells the story bout beranak . ntah mcm mne berkait dgn urat kentut . and the statement yg kiteorg berlima which is me , aina, ain , saidah and adleen cakap is the most trash in the world -.-' . aina said that if kita gelak banyak urat kentut putus . first ain aku tgk dia mcm paham je tu hanya GURAUAN butttttttt ! hahaha . malam itu dia call aku , but she didnt call my phone but my home phone . and her saying it important and urgent . so apa lg ? belari la aku dari tingkat 3 . i pickup the handle she asked " tini betul ke kalau kita gelak banyak urat kentut kita putus ? " i was WHAT?! dont say that you trust it and take it serious ! i said " err tak lah. dorg gurau jela, ya allah kau ni aku ingt apa la urgent sgt -.-' " and  our conversation end there . hahaha ain adalah teammate kiteorg yg paling blurr at that time .