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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


what they think bout me


she said : Hey girl, I just know you about a month, since you're in a big problem that day, I know you're strong, but normal la girl crying rite, to let our stress out. But you. such a nice girl and always jaga my hati ♥ one of them is bout your pretty cute blog :)
okay this is not an essay I think, tapi ini jela yg mampu. And I always hope that we'll be friends forevah babeh, I wanna see you so much. Thanks too mai. If I don't know her, we won't know each other ;) ♥♥ much love from me ~huda x)


she said : YOU ARE SUCH INFINITY. NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ARE WORTH FOR EVERYTHINGS. *i know im not that good on writing such a long essay, but these words are really3 have a meaning :') loveya ♥


she said : okayyyy you're such a friendly person :D . you're soo cutee . you're niceeee . my bisol partner kan ? :P ♥ haha . what else . you're awesomeee :D haha . then kita baru je kenal but dah macam quite rapat :D . hihi . hm and i love you :D ! haha .


she said : I have a best friend name fatini,but i love to call her tigerwood's wife because she is always wear a tiger look alike bag pack.♥ too much memorable between me and her,blablabla, (i have no idea what im talking about :P) oh no,gtg to,nak pegisekolah,nnt sambung episod kedua.


she said : Fatini is a happy go lucky girl I have ever known. She loves to talk but in the end she end up talking too much :D hahaha. When it came talking about fatini’s personality im kinda speechless because there is so much to say about her. Owh BTW there’s something I forget to tell you about her, she’s a nice girl and and and a violent girl too. Hahahaha love ya