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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


congrates cousin !

okay last week my nany went to mekah for fast there during ramadhan . so family gathering took place , cewahh. alang-2 dah bkumpul they talked bout haikal's success when competing in vietnam . i was like :O when?! herh bukan nk bgthu ! he represented malaysia in the sport of taekwondo ( betul ke spelling ) . WOW , he only 13 y/o guys. and what a suprised me he took home the GOLD medal :O . btw congrates to haikal . yela cik long and cik nan had train him since 7y/o so its not a big deal la kan . whatever it is keep it up :)

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