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is the sign or what?

okay like seriously i dreamed about her . ya allah feel like hell , knp lg ni. ni dah twice okay only in this week .

first dream ,
actly mula-2 masa dkt sek me asked ustazah bout friendship.

me ; sazah , saya nak tny personal sikit 
ustazah : apa ?
me : if kita taknak kawan dengan org tu sb perangai dia mcm mne ?
ustazah : itu kamu memutuskan silaturahim ! knp tknk kwn dgn dia ? sb perangai dia jahat ? 
me : sazah biar betul ! tp if kita dah tak tahan dgn perangai dia mcm mne
ustazah : sbg kwn kamu kne terus kwn dgn dia bukan tglkan lepastu tlg dia berbh sikit-2 . kalau kamu tglkan dia , perangai dia lg teruk mcm mne ?
me : ( actly tu yg merisaukan aku selamani ) hmm 

often after returning from school i will not sleep , but that day was different . i slept in mama's room andthen i had a dream .... i dreamed i met her dah lama dia ajak meet but i was like tolak tolak tolak bkn apa i'm just tired with her attitude la guys cakap lain . in my dream i met her and she like crying i guys andthen i hugged her while patted her back something like bg semangat mcmtu la. 

second dream ,
okay semperna malam 6 terakhir ramadhan i keep thinking of her , what should i do coz she is too nice to me before. andthen i text her around 10pm after breaking fast and do some solat hajat before that i said on that text i explain everything andthen i asked for forgiveness last i said she will no received any text from me again coz her new bff doesnt like it . and i fall asleep i woke up around 1 am , i got a misscall from her but i silent cntinued to sleep. okay here my dream began , i mimpi she brought me into her sister's house and her sister treatt me soooo nice . after that she meet mama and me mama and her hang out together for our preparation for raya while in the car she sat next to mama and me sat in the back . andthen we stopped at the mosque but quiet weird because mosque was surrounded by the graves but i could see the dead bodies :| yea sounds scary right ? yea me too, me and her solat together and she held my hand and led me home. at home she continued to persuade me and i saw on her phone 1 msg from her bff naah sokay just let me know :) 

seriously babe now i'm sooo confuse what is the meaning of a dream i was ? why allah keep giving me that dream ? what should i do ? yea i always got a sign when she is in danger and i know now she really need someone to drive she to the good and she also need someone something like share probs together , i thu her bff now tkthu situation dia skrng . i can see just by her face she not calm and got a lot of probs , but her ntah la. what should i do ?!!!!

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