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time for muhasabah

i was wondering that i do not use to live . as a human we have responsibilities to carry out. every human beings  should bear responsibilty. responsibility actly would show our maturity and ability level. if we can carry out with successful meaning that we are excellent inviduals . okay lets list all of our responsibility :

duties as a children 
* obey to the orders and instructions from them
* give excellent results
* protect their good name
* make them happy with our attitude
* always pray for their happiness and forgive all their wrong doings
* spoke with soft spoken lady tone
* honesty
* not aggravate them
* respect
* always keep their hearts
* always appreciate their sacrifies 

duties as a student
* respect teachers
* achieve excellent marks 
* doing homeworks
* making excersice
* always keep their hearts

duties as a friend
* always by them side when they needs you
* do not say bad things about them
* guide them towards good if they make mistake
* give encouragement and support in whatever they do
* always advise them to be better
*correcting what is wrong they do.

this is part of our responsibilities without our consciousness, actly bnyk lg bcause we knows what we should do what we will do . so this is the way how we list all of our responsibility . no worries yea as a normal human it's so hard for us to fulfill all the responsibility but we must try it first . honestly i sndri tk dpt nk penuhi semua but i will try my best. paling tidak kita tk hilang org yg kita syg and dorg tahu kita syg dorg . also we have always to forgive others .

 Sincerely Dr. Fatini

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