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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


be a strong girl

a few days ago , ain just express her problem to me .
to my love siti nor ain , starting from now on you must fill yourself with courage and endurance . DON'T QUICKLY GIVE UP ! can you hear that !? don't give up ! i know you can be a strong girl because you're my friend ! always remember that ! and and nothing to be jealous with my life la darling . we are planning for our happiness as long as we not giving up and always forget and forgive them :) whatever if you want someone to be with you through the day i'm always here for you ! i will be a good listener for you dear . even one day you will forget all the things about me but i will not :)) lovechuu <3

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