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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


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Hi everyone , how's your day ? and i really hope that all of you stay healthy okay. at this time i seldom update my blog , hmm pity you blog. just busy with my "after spm life" ecehh. haha. actly i'm not in a good mood right now. i'm extremely frustrated . why tini ? what do you disappoint with ? last night i went to station minyak and i met someone i will not mention his name right here. he offering me about something that i really love , i pun mmg suka buat drama everyday -___- but naah i'm not going to mention all of it here. and i did express that frustrated towards anis. only she knew what the offer about, what the problem going on right now....... i just crying all over alone. yah sometimes we do need time for ourself to express and compose ourself which is sitting alone and cry. should i forget about that offer ? how come easly i forget it. urghhh , allah help me. give me the right way. now i did realize i should forget about that offer because tomorrow is Along's wedding. oh man why benda ni jadi masa ni juga . see kan aku dah frust menonggeng. sooo much things not ready yet ... custom i tak amik lagi, attendance book ntah kemana , GMI hall lg. ARGHH tooo muchhhhhhhh ! anyone help me ! anyway i want to wish HAPPY MARRIAGE to along and kak shaza. mereka telah di ijab kabulkan pada 16 disember 2011 and 17 december was kak shaza's reception. Oh my on that day kak shaza looks sooooo beautiful in the custom design by rizman ruzaini i guess and azwan ali was too "kepoh" hihi. the wedding was held at melawati if i'm not wrong hmm wisma LJT. i tkde gambar nk tunjuk bcause all the photos photographer je yg amik so tkde la nak tunjuk . for tomorrow cannot wait . hihi. okay now mood dah okay , hihi . love my readers <3 <3

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