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something about those who are hijabi

 many people condemn those who are covered/wearing hijab bcause of the style hanna tajima and yuna , they say tak ikhlas nak pakai , pakai sb ikut fashion and blablabla . yea myb you guys are right but for me this is only my opinion la , even im not wearing a hijab i want to affirm that its not your business . yea ikhlas tk ikhlas itu kerja allah you have no right to assess. actly as a right muslim we have to support them not condemn ! and myb now dorg tk ikhlas pakai sekadar fashion but lama kelamaan dorg akan biasa and terus pakai jika dorg rasa selesa am i right ? and another reason is they wearing  yea myb tk dpt pahala but dorg tkdpt dosa and tk menambahkan dosa org yg tgk . so always think positive please. we have always support them, coz yea mcm korg masa tadika taknak pergi sek if tk dipaksa right ? so apa bezanya ? korg pergi sek adakah utk belajar ? aim utama klau korg ckp nk belajar i feel like want to laugh ! first aim mesti nk jumpa gf/bf or nk meet kawan-2 nak gossip and what so ever but once korg dah pergi sikit-2 korg akan belajar juga kan ? so same as this situation , they wear bcause of fashion style but once dorg dah rasa selesa dorg akan teruskan . so as a muslim we have to support them not kutuk mengata and whatever la, we have no right guys to assess remember it ! 

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