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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


all about A

big applause to her ! yea i know you keep track of me, am i right ? you knows everything about me . and i also know you're trying to peace with me again yea quite touched :'D but seriously babe i'm tired to be mad and hostile people . you know what you had done to me right ? you know all your actions, rumors that you spread to others. hmm honestly i have long forgiven you :) but i'm not interested to be your bff just like before. myb experience has taught me to be more careful with people that we call it as a friend or bff. i have been through a lot of shits because of your act. and it's hard to be delete, but i will not revenge anything and myb you have been through a hard time when we "fight" but babe seriously i didn't meant it and never thought to revenge , swear to allah ! but what can i say ? myb i should dot our friendship here ? or it is a mistake ? :O i really confuse right now , i can not think normally . but seriously i was very touched when people text me saying that " tini she said she miss you so much and keep asking bout you " , " tini she text me saying that she saw you " and others. and on that night we met accidentally , i saw you glance towards me :)) you want to know something girl ? i thought i have thrown away all your stuff, things that we bought together and gift for you but i found something that really makes me remember you. OUR DAIRY not really diary i think but macam lah cause on that book we write bout our biodata and something else. yea until now i still remember your favourite drink , what is it ?! LYCHEE JUICE :DDD pandai kan aku ? haha , yea big applause to me . hoho . and i also still remember frame you gave to me if i'm not wrong it's purple right ? that frame quite unique cause it heart shape and something like puzzle , it can be devided into 2 part. one for me and one for you. yea so sweet right ? :) but sayangnya i'd return it to you :( i don't know you still keep it or not. but babe myb our memories could not be like before, i need more time to forget :( i hope you understand yea 2years kita macam ni but ada elok kejap kan ? but you did it again, herh . so i just want you to know I HAVE LONG FORGIVEN YOU BABE . so no need to ask for forgiveness okay , let time decide everything okay :DD

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