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sooo long i didn't post . and and thanks to them that are keep track my blog :') they keep asking me why i didn't post anything on my blog. lately ni busy sikit. seriously ! yela trial semua kannnn . so now start the story withh hmm him la ? wahhhh . hahaha, 

you can see the pict above , yea i'm talking about him. firstly on 10 sept i went to his house for raya and i saw something on his phone . i was like shitttt ! i just cool down rumah org ni tini and masa nak balik dia ada ckp something dkt mak dia depan aku i was like woi ! malu la aku ! nak ckp pun tgu la aku balik dulu. but mak dia senyum je :) so i just went home with all the feelings :| andthen because i'm "touching" so he came over to pujuk pujuk la kononnya. haha , so i just asked him to enter the house. i thought dia tak berani but dengan gagah perkasanya dia masuk. 10 minutes later kak long and papa balik from hmm i don't know hihi. andthen after dia balik, kak long g cerita semua dkt mama . malu gile -.-

kak long : mama ! td kan marka tini dtg 
mama : HA ?! (smiling )
me : hwgdsfgef la kau !
kak long : aah ma dorg dating depan rumah pastu blablablabla
mama : ( looking at me with a smile on her lips ) 

dah now everyone knows :DD soooo happy bcause mama always bg green light when ever i'm asking to go out . thanks mama :DD

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