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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


for long time i did not updated my blog . so much things did happened nowadays . sooo much. from the bad to good things. whatever it is i'm still here , stand as fatini aziz and be myself that's i veryyy sure. ups and downs in life that we can not escape so we just need to prepare ourself with the courage and endurance. yah people always said that outside world is more challenging , now i admit what they said quite true. ahh stop complain fatini, wake up ! chase your dream ! that's more more more important. thanks to them that always by my side ... hmm i don't know what will happen to me if you guys not by my side. only allah can repay all your kindness towards me . keep smiling to the problem because problem teach us be more matured in making decision also we learn from mistakes.. so now on i just want to say i miss my girls , classmates , my buddyz and also teachers . 

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