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this story is about 2 weeks ago , i plan to stay in kelantan for a month . yela kan kebetulan balik with family so stay la sana lama sikitkan, relax kan otak so on. andthen i received a text which is i never expect org nak ckp mcmtu. haha,

me : i will stay in kelantan myb 2 or 3 months 
him : saje nak buat ** sensarakan. mcm lagu " kekanda dimedan kajang, adinda di medan kelantan. sama-2 berjuang, sama-2 berbakti untuk ibu pertiwi "

haha , ya allah ayat mcm nk pergi beperang padahal bkn apa pun . andthen after returning from kelantan, i hit a fever *sob sob wipe the tears. sampai sekarang tk elok-2 lg demam. and the weird things is just me and kak long yg demam. but mine not worse like her. she admitted to hospital because vomiting blood. pity her #PrayForKakLong LOL.. so here some photos i captured during she admitted to hospital. alhamdulillah aku tk teruk mcmtu.

Kajang Plaza Medical Centre

okay that's all for today. thanks for reading follower yg comel :D

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