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27th anniversary

Hi peeps , how are doing ? hope everyone will doing fine... yah blog ini sudah mula mengeluarkan sarang virus menunjukkan aku dah lama tak update. huhu, just busy with my daily life .. okay so entry kali ini is all about 27th anniversary. fuyooo lama gila.. anny sape ni tini ? sabar sabar .. jgn gelojoh , kita cerita slow slow kay :) newly we celebrate mama and papa anny . so here i want to share what happens. for sure this is a suprise party. JYEAHHHHHHH. we did celebrated it at SOHO bangi. which is his idea :-) so mama papa just thu that kiteorg nk belanja makan. so dorg follow jela. after makan je abg delivery pun sampai with the cake . papa and mama seriously nmpk muka terkejut with our suprise. this means that our plan is succesful *chicken dance. light up the candle and put the cake front of em' again they suprised ! because of what ? cause there're picture of their wedding on the cake . and again our suprise menjadi. yeah yeah :) so kiteorg nyanyi la sikit kan ala ala lagu birthday but change it to anny . sooo creative zie aziz daughters *muntah. so here some photos to be share with all of you..

i love to see their smile :) radiated joy on their face right ? ♥ ♥ ♥

yah me always look ugly plus merosakkan gambr je. haih.. papa mmg ssh nk senyum -.-' 

dedicated to mama and papa :
hi my love , yah here your beautiful daughter wish you HAPPY 27th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY .. push push *bunga api. hope you guys enjoy and happy for our suprise yg tak seberape. thanks for "bela" tini dari kecik sampai la besar gedabak ni. surely your sacrifices towards us can not i repay even i have a million money. thank you so much for every effort that both of you do to realize my dreams. even though i always disappoint you with my result my attitude and so on but both of you never show. you spend a lots of money only for my tuition. you know i am too lazy to do the things by myself and also can not be independent at all. so you arranged the quran class you asked ustaz to come home everyday to teach us. urghh too much sacrifices , if nk list kan mmg penuh ! and papa's habit is always kiss my forehead and say "busuk la" . i do love both of you soooooo much ! i will do my best in my studies and be a famous wedding planner as i promise you. insyallah i will continue your business someday . pray for my happiness and pray for me to achieve my dreams. stay pretty and handsome. love ♥ ♥ ♥

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