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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.


relaxing time

Hi , how are you today ? hope you always healthy . well just nak share some experience which is past few days i pergi fish spa dkt mines. perghh taknak besar plak ikan dia... ikan pun dah besar for sure geli kan... to those yg tkpernah buat fish spa ni mmg tkkan cukup if try 10 minutes sb nak tahan geli tu haih ssh la nak ckp. kne try sndri la kan. murah je rm10 for 10 minutes and half an hour rm25 . seriously you should try dkt mines, sb kedai dia pun bleh buat kite relax ... always org akan tny " ape rasa lepas buat ni ? " so my answer is alhamdulillah kaki rasa lebih bertenaga dan bersih. ecehhh . haha :) so here some photos, enjoy it kay :)

pirahna  3DD :p

tahan geli smpai kaki pun belit belit . haha

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