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appointment makes me crazyy

today i went to hospital serdang for my hm i guess 6th time appointment with pakar. yeah it
relates to my alergic . for your infomation kali ni doctor yang check i cun woi. haha and so friendly so helpful . so many ideas and tips that she shared with me. i feel so comfortable to talk with her.
although i had to wait for a long time on that time my turn number is 1499 but the number being treated is 1200 something but i think it was well worth waiting for. but the bad news is :( JENG JENG JENG. i got new collection of medicine called deltasolone which is doctor tu cakap untuk surutkan bengkak masa alergic tu where the old remains... now my collections are Loratadine, Atarax , Paracil , deltasolone and calamine ape tah (lotion) . zzzzzzz so many drugs to be taken tomorrow.. so lazy la :( whatever it is aku sangat berpuas hati dengan layanan government hospital :)

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