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a girl which is chasing a dream to be a famous fashion designer and and wedding planner someday. AMIN... i am very outgoing and love to laugh like pontianak. i try to be myself.



sorry for the late update . quite busy with SPM schedule life -.- herh sooooo stresss right now. please please pray for me :) okay for this year our grad located at dewan ILSAS , UNITEN . #TheFunnyThings at first i don't know where the place even i had been there before -.- yea something like TINI KAU PAHAL BEBAL SANGAT ! because we went there sent by kak lynda . so i have no idea . but masa balik tu we were planned nak balik paling last around 2 kononnya nak snap photos bnyk-2 . AND YOU KNOW WHAT GUYS MMG KITEORG ORG LAST BALIK ! HUAHUAHUA . when we're waiting for papa me and dina di sampuk jin kalewak so we snap photo with weird and bajet hot action, the photos i can't update because SHASHA's FAULT ! dia tk upload lg -.- balik papa pickup ni semua salah shasha if mulut dia tk masin mesti kita balik awal , so now BOO shasha :p and yela like i told you before i tak tahu tmpt tu dkt mana so bile papa call asking me where i was like weh kat mana ni !? because of kiteorg paling last balik our pengetua tunggu sampai papa smpai . OMG HOW SWEET KAN . korg ada ke pengetua mcmtu ? HA i know tkde :p so puan zaiton ckp direction dkt papa using my phone so blablabla and here some of our GEDIKS photos ....

why you are sitting in the line of 5 progresif tini ? tak malu ke !? ye mmg malu ! 

* me with nyna roslan . could you see that how cute she is . me soo jealous :|

*muka excited , haha

*she was late ! herh ! muka bru bangun tidur je 

* OMG my face was like aaaaaaaa ! 

*our lovely pengetua <3

*alolo ayuunya izza

* ladies biasa la bila jumpa cermin 

*seriously she was pretty on that day 

*tayang kasut letteww

if you guys notice only me just wearing different . yea because of my bebal tu tk hilang lg i just wear a dress , and only me and aisha wear it -.- HAHA , so ? do i care ? seriously ! i was stunned , everyone was soooo pretty , handsome , cute ha semua la ! and and i can not forget when pengetua asked me " nanti ajar saya lilit shawl mcmni boleh ? " masa tu i tgh ambil sijil dgn dia la . HAHA , pengetua itu pun kaka saya yg lilitkan . mmg tk dpt la kan nak ajar . whatever it is the GREAT moment masa video kan kan , semua excited je . masa video start ha amik tknk becucuran plak air mata semua jatuh . SERIOUS SEDIH , hmm last word I REALLY REALLY REALLY ENJOY ON THAT DAYYYY :DD

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